Dr. Hamblin continues to see established patients. He will accept new patients on a limited basis.

Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. To schedule an appointment, contact Dr Hamblin by calling 208-387-1854 or emailing him at drhamblin@gmail.com

Although he no longer contracts with insurance companies, he will provide his patients with a "superbill," upon request, at the end of each paid session.  Initial evaluative sessions are $150 and subsequent sessions are $125.

His office is at 1411 W Irene St, Boise, ID 83702


Okay so, let me tell you about a guy from the Midwest who was visiting New York City for the first time. It's lunch time. He wants a NYC hot dog. He approaches a hot dog vendor on a corner and orders a hot dog. He gives the vendor a large bill in payment. The hot dog vendor gives him his hot dog. The customer accepts and continues to stare at the vendor. After a while the vendor says: "WHAT?" The customer says: "Change?!" The hot dog vendor responds: "Change comes from within."

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